Saturday 13 October

11:00 am — 1:00 pm

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What I learned while designing a poster every day for two years

Baugasm will share his experience on doing something everyday for two years and what he learned on being consistent. He will talk about the start of his career, all the things he learned while doing his one-poster-a-day project and why it’s so crucial to be consistent in your work.


My banker rides a longboard

People has changed. Media have changed. Languages have changed. Brands have changed. Right? Maybe not. Isn’t it true that a Brand should speak to people as it was speaking to its best friend? Isn’t it true that Designers are obsessed language creators? For us, yes. Informality is one of those languages. And it’s the key. The challenge is: how? How to draw that infamous line that separates being stupid from being informal? But hey, isn’t it the essence of Design?


Think, Play, Design

The conference will be structured in 3 parts. First, understanding how humans perceive or think. How we see, understand and feel. Do we interact with the world with our mind, our body or imagination? The second part is to explain how we create thinks. From where do ideas come from. How does it work? The last one is a guidance to be a better designer. How to overcome fears and not fall into the same mistakes.


The hail storm and the song of the cicada

The hail storm and the cicada are two figures in contradiction that share a short existence: the first one comes suddenly, violent destroyer of every sight of future. The second one is the voice of a meaningless and lazy being, wreckage of memories from a happy time. Both are metaphors of southern Italy, a place of contrasts where beauty and ugliness mix together. We can turn the tragedy of contradiction into beauty, without fearing conflicts but learning to recall them. This is what I tried to do and what I’d like to tell you.