the festival

Torino Graphic Days is an international festival organized by Print Club Torino. Dedicated entirely to visual design, it will take place from November 3rd to 6th at Toolbox Coworking. Torino Graphic Days is part of Contemporary Art Torino Piemonte, a system that brings together institutions, events and contemporary art artists.
A program full of workshops and conferences with national and international guests fot the visitors to discover, discuss and experiment within all areas of visual communication, from concept to self-production.
The festival is an irreverent showcase of both renown icons and less conventional graphic design characters. It aims to capture the public attention with live performances and experimentation.
Four days of exhibitions, fairs and DJ set powered by Club to Club to involve also the ones who don’t really give a damn about a field in constant transformation.

boom the icons

What the heck is Graphic Design? What is the point?
The first edition of the festival aims to retrace the steps of graphic design by analyzing its icons through the lenses of irreverence and nonconformism. Information, seduction and involvement are the main themes we have chosen to rethink the paradigms and investigate the importance of visual communication.

BOOM THE ICONS is the key of all events on program. Through the explosion of stablished icons we will try to analyze the paradigms and explore the limits of visual communication. The festival offers a journey of discovery, exploring the main characters of contemporary graphic design that managed to break the mold and produce beyond their limitations.

Tell me


From the page of a newspaper to a instruction manual of forniture assemblage, from the bus fare ticket to the wayfinding system inside of a building. Graphics are a catalyst through which send a message with useful information more efficiently.

Amaze me


Advertising, social media and brand identity campaigns are some of the tools that make a message more appealing and target an increasingly demanding public. Not only commercial products using these tricks: political and religious propaganda parties adopt communication strategies to seduce and surprise their own followers.

Engage me


Belonging is one of the most primordial human needs. Producing content to feel involved in a certain reality is a fundamental aspect of life. It does not necessarily needs to end up being informative or commercial, just make us feel part of something bigger. This is the core of self-production and sharing of knowledge. The goal is to share the cultural value of creative process with the public, inspiring and allowing them to participate.

the manifesto

  1. Learn by doing — discover and learning while experimenting new techniques
  2. Create by thinking — state the importance of having a methodological approach to design and all the research and meaning behind a sign or an image
  3. Offer a regular exchange of views and ideas
  4. Host high-level international professionals for them to share their own experiences
  1. Celebrate visual design history
  2. Mix business and knowledge
  3. Investigate the fine line between art, crafts and design
  4. Give to small companies the chance to build a reputation
  5. Be honest and irriverent

the team

print club torino

Print Club Torino is the first Italian printing and graphic experimentation lab, based in Turin. It offers professionals, students and visual art lovers the opportunity to manage their own projects. independently or in collaboration with a team of experts.


PLUG is a horizontal and participative nonprofit organization. It focus on social economic and environmental sustainability. The mission is to foster an active thinking on issues regarding culture. With the artistic, communicative and social perspectives it involves different disciplines, approaches and visions.


TAL is a cultural association born in Turin. A team of people with different backgrounds and expertise that gathered their skills to create something new. The main goal is to put new technologies aside and retrieve traditional craft methods.


Established in early 2012, Quattrolinee is a group of eclectic designers experimenting with different fields of visual art. From communication to graphics and design. Multidisciplinary professionals that work together for a main goal: creativity research and methodological approach do better communication. Focusing on 360° projects, we design visual identities with passion and care.