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Torino Graphic Days is a festival to celebrate creativity, visual design and graphic experimentation.
Vol. 02 is going to introduce the international icons of visual design through a 4 day-program of workshops, talks, performances, exhibitions, market and much more.

10 reasons to join us

  • because it believes in learning by doing and create by thinking
  • because it’s one of a kind
  • because its guests are international super stars
  • because it’s boundless
  • because it promotes small artisan labs
  • because it’s a celebration of visual design history
  • because it’s not for designers only
  • because it’s a mix of creative ingredients
  • because it’s unexpected
  • because Torino Graphic Days is Torino Graphic Days

Universal identities

Torino Graphic Days Vol. 02 is Universal identities.
The 2017 festival’s edition aims at analysing, sharing and amplifying the influence of visual communication to represent the plurality of our contemporary world.
Graphic design is an universal communication tool: it overcomes both linguistic and cultural barriers of different countries. Each culture is characterized by a visual heritage which includes globally recognized symbols both as expressions of a specific identity or as universal concepts. Universal Identities gathers pictures belonging to different cultures: it splits them, it take them out of context and manipulates them to create a collection of interlocking elements that multiplies the scenarios of universal communication.


print club torino

Print Club Torino is the first Italian printing and graphic experimentation lab, based in Turin. It offers professionals, students and visual art lovers the opportunity to manage their own projects. independently or in collaboration with a team of experts.


PLUG is a horizontal and participative nonprofit organization. It focus on social economic and environmental sustainability. The mission is to foster an active thinking on issues regarding culture. With the artistic, communicative and social perspectives it involves different disciplines, approaches and visions.


TAL is a cultural association born in Turin. A team of people with different backgrounds and expertise that gathered their skills to create something new. The main goal is to put new technologies aside and retrieve traditional craft methods.


Established in early 2012, Quattrolinee is a group of eclectic designers experimenting with different fields of visual art. From communication to graphics and design. Multidisciplinary professionals that work together for a main goal: creativity research and methodological approach do better communication. Focusing on 360° projects, we design visual identities with passion and care.

mg2 architetture

MG2 ARCHITETTURE based studio formed in 2007 by three architects with different formations. Merging together multidisciplinary competences, the studio main interests are interior design, retail, architecture, landscape and urbanism, having particularly attention in details, materials and sustainability.


Project coordination

Fabio Guida

Coordination assistant

Serena Sacchero

Communications and press office

Laura Edera
Irene Marchesano
Elisabetta Molli
Alessandra Morello
Agnese Vellar

External relations and sponsorships

Eleonora Gamba
Fiorenza Lombardi

Artistic curatorship

Alessia Agostini
Elisabetta Azzalini
Silvia Barbero
Sara Cinnadaio
Giovanna Crise
Luisella Cresto
Marialuisa Dubla
Flora Ferro
Alessia Longo
Francesca Morea
Christian Racca
Ilaria Reposo
Joe Quercia
Serena Sacchero
Giuseppe Tuttobene
Mateo Vaccaro

External curatorship

Diego Bionda
Elena Dellapiana
Roberto Maria Clemente
Mimmo Manes
Valentina Montresor
Manuela Grignani Sirtoli

Design & web development



MG2 Architetture


Claudio Caradonna
Alice Cardona
Chiara Chinaglia
Stefano Ferrari
Paola Panza
Mattia Picca
Ambra Sapuppo
Andrea Sozza


Chiara Chinaglia
Simona Di Nucci

Photo and video

Giacomo Mondino
Lorenzo Ritorto
Francesco Zivoli
Aurora Cicero
Carlo Candido Todesco
Gabriele Boggio
David Finotti
Alexander Rizzo

Creative Commons rights from the noun project

Oliver Guin
Thomas Hirter
Evan MacDonald
Austin Condiff
Rudolf Horaczek
Yo Luck
Adam Wilson
Cher Ju
Maxim Kulikov
Il Capitano
Royyan Wijayama
Gregor Cresnar

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