Andrea Serio

Andrea Serio is born in Carrara in 1973. Checkered illustrator, compulsive pastellist, cartoonist, cover designer for amazing records, poster designer, painter if necessary, since ever into music, cinema and literature (not necessarily in this order and preferably together), he feels a mutual adversity for computers and he types into the keyboard with a single finger, just like Truffaut. His drawings have been displayed in important national and international events. Since 2012 he teaches at Scuola Internazionale di Comics both in Turin and Florence. In 2017 he published the artbook Seriously (Spaceman Project) and En Plein Air, his first children’s book (Topipittori). Recently he designed the cover of La Revue Dessinée and he worked with Le Nouvel Observateur and Magnard Jeunesse. He is currently working on a new graphic novel for Edizioni Oblomov.



Saturday 13 October
4:00 pm — 6:00 pm