Barbara Giovinazzo

Barbara Giovinazzo was born in Pinerolo (Italy) in 1974. Drawing took her through all her existence: since she was a child she drew everywhere (walls, school desks, paper, napkins…). In 1998 she moves to London to improve her English and to study philosophy. Since 2003 she starts the independent record label GB SOUND, producing several videos and albums. The work in the music industry allowed her to tour Europe and America, widening his artistic and cultural background. She also decided to perfect her drawing technique with a ceramic painting class in Turin. Barbara’s works aim to arouse emotions creating adult characters with ever-changing expressions, while the children and animals she draws have just a single blissful expression, since they aren’t touched by experience. As each human being is unique, her works are made by hand, being different one from the other. Simplicity is the leader in her work, that’s why her stroke mimics the children’s one.



Friday 12 October
4:00 pm — 10:00 pm