Infographics Group – Sven Ehmann

Sven heads the think tank at the Infographics Group in Berlin, a unit that does research, development, ideation and prototyping around infographics, data visualization and visual storytelling. The Infographics Group works for industries (such as Lufthansa, Daimler or Zumtobel), museums, research institutions and other partners from the cultural sector as well as with publishing companies and media organization (such as Die Zeit or The New York Times). Before joining the company, Sven was the longtime creative director at international design publisher Gestalten, where he played a key role in overall research, development of titles and program and in co-editing around 80 books on subjects from design to popular culture, from architecture to art. Some of his favorite projects at Gestalten were books like Dataflow, Visual Storytelling, Designing News, Photoviz, Velo and The Outsiders. In his spare time Sven launched Junior Lab, a workshop program for kids to learn about the creative possibilities of hardware and software in a playful, non-technical way.


Talk 06

Sunday 14 October
4:30 pm — 6:30 pm
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