Nicolò Canova

We get used to see the world split between the world of logic and the universe of creativity, as they were one the opposite of each other. On one side the instinct, on the other rationality. In Nicolò works these rules simply don’t exist. After High School graduation, Nicolò, Born in 1989, he started to study Physics, but after some years between pendulum and equations, he abandoned that path to follow the call of the images world. He studied Illustration at Scuola Internazionale di Comics in Turin and, through different projects, collaborations among professionals and sharing of experience, he developed technical abilities in different areas like communication, graphic and visual design and painting, in order to create always fresh and dynamic images. Among his collaborations, we mention Lancôme, Clarins, Le Strade di Torino, with a new colorful interpretation of historic photos of the city, Qeeboo and Stefano Giovannoni, with a customization of the famous Rabbit Chair, Majestic Records and IED.



Sunday 14 October
4:00 pm — 8:00 pm