Onlab is a Swiss graphic design studio with a strong focus on content, narrative and visual quality, created in 2001 in Berlin. In June 2016, Vanja Golubovic & Thibaud Tissot co-founded a new studio in Geneva, later joined by Matthieu Huegi.

The studios work on commissioned, collaborative and self-initiated design projects, mainly in the cultural areas of editorial design and visual communication. Works and projects range from books and magazines to exhibition design, posters, data visualisations, and visual identities.
The onlab team is driven by a deep involvement in linking content and production aesthetics with elements of topicality. They analyse and investigate content for seeking out threads of narrative and alternative approaches to visualise a story.



Saturday 13 October
9:30 am — 6:30 pm
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Talk 05

Sunday 14 October
11:00 am — 1:00 pm
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