Sergio Ponchione

Born in Asti in 1975, Sergio Ponchione is an illustrator and comic author. He published in Italy, France, USA and Argentina with several publishing houses such as Sergio Bonelli Editore, Star Comics, Coconino Press, Comma 22, Fantagraphics Books, Vertige Graphic and Loco Rabia. Among his works are Obliquomo, Grotesque, Impronte Maltesi, DKW – Ditko Kirby Wood. He created illustrations and covers for Zanichelli, Giunti, Sperling & Kupfer and he worked with periodicals such as Internazionale, La Lettura of Il Corriere della Sera, Il Manifesto, La Repubblica XL, Wired, Film TV, the organizer Smemoranda and Linus, for which he designed the 50th anniversary commemorative cover. His latest works are the book Memorabilia for Oblomov Edizioni, also published in France for Ici Mème Editions, and two volumes for the Mercurio Loi series by Bonelli Editore. He won the Gran Guinigi and Micheluzzi prizes, and in 2017 the local cultural space FuoriLuogo hosted his permanent exhibition. He currently teaches at Scuola di Fumetto in Asti.



Saturday 13 October
4:00 pm — 6:00 pm