Slim Dogs

Slim Dogs Production is a digital communication and videomaking agency, founded in 2014. The agency has four main partners: Matteo Bruno, Giovanni Santonocito, Adriano Santucci and Marco Cioni, each one of them has the lead of the main departments, in this way they can control the entire production. Matteo Bruno, also known as Cane Secco (300,000 subscribers) on the web is the leader of the DOP and videomaking department. Giovanni Santonocito is the person in charge of the post-production, is also co-founder with Matteo Bruno,m from 2014. Adriano Santucci, is the chief producer, he became partner of Slim Dogs in 2015 and he’s never lost his affinity with the camera. Marco Cioni is Slim Dogs’ marketing and account manager, he works in the digital marketing field since 2014.
Slim Dogs is active among all the kinds of video productions. It started from the web and is now one of the principal agency in communication and digital production fields.


Talk 04

Saturday 13 October
4:30 pm — 6:30 pm
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