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The Generative Book

After the first three volumes were published in 2017 and 2018, Stefano Mirti together with the publisher Nuphap Aunyanuphap will present to the general public the fourth and new version of his famous Generative Book. The whole work will be complete once the tenth volume will be published. The Generative Book is neither a novel nor a theory volume, nor a composition manual, nor a game. But at the same time it is all this things together. It is a great work about the impossibility to complete great works.


Stand-out packaging: when packaging mass-market meets design

In supermarkets we can find the biggest cluster of popular graphic art made accessible to everyone: thousands of pictures, typefaces, illustrations, messages and colors. A visual universe based on patterns that have been standardized and flattened since too many years. We got used to an ugly aesthetic that sells. Will it be possible to bring back beauty, courage and fresh ideas in mass packaging?


Travel, design, publish, love!

In a world of globalization: What do we really know from each other? How does the design scene look like in a different country and what are the moments of happiness and problems people are dealing with in their daily lives? As partner of the media and publishing house Slanted Publishers and designer and editor of Slanted Magazine and the daily blog www.slanted.de, Julia Kahl will give insights in her work and thoughts and the mindset of running an independent publishing house.
Partner: Goethe-Institut Turin



From system to object, from content to narrative, from paper to space, from data to visualization, from text to grid, onlab will present a wide range of projects in the cultural field, ranging from techno to fine arts.
Partner: Goethe-Institut Turin