Festival | Programme
October 3-6
In The City | Programme
September 6-26

Throwback – Performances


Time for double shows: the performers went on stage two at the time. Sharing the stage has become a challenge, but also a moment to collaborate and have fun.

The Romanian artist Kitra and Giulio Vesprini were our special guests in this section.

Kitra has made one of his peculiar and colorful artwork just at the entrance of the exhibition area of Romania: a wide mural has been projected in the hall that was leading to the exhibition to bring the visitors in the perfect Romanian atmosphere. The urban artist Giulio Vesprini has been worked on “S C R I B B L E”, the mural he painted on the wall of one of the buildings near Toolbox’s rooftop. 


The artists and the illustrators that have performed during the days of the festival are: Marco Brancato, Andrea Casciu, Gabriele Pino, Marco Oggian, Giovanni Da Re, Sara Ciprandi, Davide Salvemini, Martina Vanda, Jacopo Rosati, Giulia Pastorino, High on type, La Fille Bertha, Momusso, Nico 189, Elisa Macellari, Margherita Premuroso, Irene e Irene, Alice Piaggio, Camilla Pintonato, Marta Giunipero, Andrea Opretti, Cecilia Campironi and Irene Coletto.