Andrea Serio – Mettici un albero

Ettore Sottsass once said that any complex issue may be resolved by adding a very simple and intuitive element into it: “Quando non sai che cosa fare, mettici un albero. Va sempre bene”. For him, the element was a tree – the one that remains vividly in our memories or the one that we observe each day while walking back home. For this workshop, Andrea Serio got inspired by the vision of Sottsass and invites all the participants to work with the object that is extremely clear, but at the same time provides a depth of meanings and variations. During the two days of the workshop, an original composition will be developed in the risograph technique under the guidance of the illustrator Andrea Serio.

The workshop will be held in Italian


Basic knowledge of drawing and illustration


Illustrators, artists

Necessary Material

All the useful material will be provided by Print Club Torino. Every participant is free to bring personal drawing tools if preferred. The use of the laptop is optional, at the discretion of the participants.