Printing with light!

Using handmade techniques to print a digital image is possible with cyanotype, an ancient method that provides a surprising photographic effect and is adaptable to many surfaces. With the expertise of Fábrica De Texturas – a multidisciplinary printing lab based in Madrid, participants will explore the chemistry of this process and learn how to play with the concepts of time, light, and exposure, creating their own print on fabric with a brilliant blue color and unexpected effects.


Cyanotype, printing images on fabric


English, with translation in Italian

Required skills

No previous skills are required, but a passion for experimentation is needed!


Visual designers, graphic designers, students, creatives looking for professional approaches.

Required materials

No special materials are necessary, just a willingness to try new approaches.


Participation in the workshop costs €30 + €30 (for the purchase of the Print Club Torino membership card for non-members). The ticket includes FREE access to Cavallerizza Reale on the day of the workshop.



Sunday, May 14
9:30 am - 1:30 pm
Room: Spazio workshop

By Print Club Torino

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