Made by hand

How to create vibrant and engaging posters using screen-print technique and a pinch of improvisation and spontaneity? 

In this 8-hour workshop, participants will create their own unique artwork together with Anthony Burrill, iconic graphic artist who uses handmade techniques to communicate powerful and positive messages. Sharing over 30 years of experience in the visual design field, Burrill will guide participants in discovering the inherent qualities of screen-print and its creative applications, producing posters through the overprinting of different colors.


Typography composition


English, with translation in Italian

Required Skills

No previous skills are necessary but a passion for typography composition and art of poster is encouraged!


Visual designers, graphic designers, students, creatives seeking professional approaches.

Materials Required

No particular materials are necessary, but a willingness to try new approaches!


Participation in the workshop costs € 80 + € 30 (for the purchase of the Print Club Torino membership card for non-members). The ticket includes a FREE access to Cavallerizza Reale on the weekend of the workshop.



Sunday, May 07
9:30 am - 6:30 pm
Room: Spazio portici

By Print Club Torino

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