Festival | Programme
October 3-6
In The City | Programme
September 6-26

1st BenQ Workshop with Martin Benes

The fundamentals of the creative blending in Photoshop

An image can tell more than a thousand words…It is up to each digital artist to know and apply fundamental rules in order to create stunning images, with a realistic and appealing appearance. In this workshop, we will understand which are the most important elements and essential techniques, in order to create creative blending between multiple images and create unique fantasy images.

Among the topics covered we will see how to properly crop images, adjust colors and add lens flares. We will understand how light sources work and which is the relationship between lights and shadows. We will see how to achieve realistic shadows, illuminate a scene correctly and discover what are the secrets of the trade used in creative blending used in professional projects.

This Workshop is suitable for all creatives and photographers who wish to dive deep into the use of Photoshop from both a technical and a theoretical point of view, in order to understand the correct logic of merging multiple images.

In collaboration with BenQ.