Festival | Programme
October 3-6
In The City | Programme
September 6-26

1st BenQ Workshop with Massimo Nava

After Effects essentials: smart effects for Visual Artists

What is the role of motion graphics in visual communication? Nowadays, the importance of video strategy is evident in social networks and media communication.

From motion graphics to Stories, from “traditional” mass-media to new on-demand media, every creative needs animation, a new dimension for fast, engaging, and exciting content.

Now, you need to know the most important software for creatives: Adobe After Effects!

In this workshop, together we will learn the fundamentals of the tool that can change the way you think about the creative process (and your skills), even if you’re not an expert: understanding native features and some excellent plugins for AE to improve your own workflow, quickly and easily!

A new way to raise your talent, the extra dimension to inspire and boost your 2D/3D/Social/Vj ideas!

Note: The workshop will provide many educational resources to support the lesson and all the references to putting knowledge (and best practices) into action.

In collaboration with BenQ.