Festival | Programme
October 3-6
In The City | Programme
September 6-26

2nd BenQ Workshop with Martin Benes

The definitive method for contouring hair in Photoshop

Masking hair is one of the most common problems for each retoucher and photographer. In almost 20 years of work, Martin Benes has faced this problem over and over again, trying every possible and imaginable technique. Is there a final technique for hair masking? Definitely yes. In this workshop, Martin Benes will explain how to properly mask each type of hair, which are the rules that must be kept in mind and what are the directives that the photographer must follow, in order to achieve perfect masking in Photoshop. A workshop that fully embraces the problem of hair masking that will make you understand not only what works and in what situation, but it will make you understand, in-depth, why certain techniques do not work and should not be even considered.

We will debunk so many myths about hair contours and we will understand, how to approach this complex topic, in a simple and rapid way.

In collaboration with BenQ.