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October 3-6
In The City | Programme
September 6-26

2nd BenQ Workshop with Massimo Nava

Beyond the visibility: social media for Visual Artists.

The shortest way to success is Social Media Marketing, but you need the right approach to rise and distinguish yourself from others.

You should be visible, you have to show your skills, you should use a Storytelling approach to your identity. 

Every author needs to change its “social profile” into a narrative experience, engaging and exciting (devoted to selling arts and/or creative products, too).

You have to know what is trending on social media (mainstream or “indie”), and how brand identities should be adapted and how to choose/show the content. 

You also need to know the “updated” panorama of social platforms (main or secondary) and how to choose a suitable strategy for your personal content, for the right Communities or the way to transform your (social) channels for selling artistic and digital products.

This workshop is dedicated to all authors (hobbyist, amateur, or professional) and will focus on the topics: social portfolio & trans-media storytelling, the best revenue model for any digital marketplace, how to make the most of your community placement, Sell Your Arts and Crafts (on social shopping such as Instagram or Pinterest).

In collaboration with BenQ.