“Come un gatto in tangenziale” | UXUniversity

Tools and techniques for a participatory urban regeneration

This online workshop invites participants to experiment with various design thinking techniques applied in urban environments. The 2-hours human-centered design lab is focused on the necessity of direct engagement of everyone who is potentially interested in co-design practices. In urban regeneration processes, social and physical ecosystems help in resolving a constant challenge of participatory design. In the environments where one can see an intersection of creative confidence, ideas generation and radical collaboration a deep transformation of communities triggers with a faster. Therefore, the cogeneration processes shape projects that are useful to people, sustainable for the environment, functional for communities. The title of the workshop is inspired by the movie directed by Riccardo Milani and starring Paola Cortellesi and Antonio Albanese. “Come un gatto in tangenziale” means something that is not meant to last long, “like a cat in the highway”, just like product design that doesn’t engage with people.

In collaboration with UXUniversity.