Copenhagen Signs / Basic Hand Lettering & Sign Painting

Friday 12 October

9:30 am — 6:30 pm

full price
students or registered: 120€
not registered: 135€

+ EventBrite fees

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In this workshop you’ll be introduced to basic hand lettering and sign painting, learning to create letters from the bottom. We’ll start with basic block lettering, adding shadows, serifs and curves to the letterforms using a pencil and a ruler. We will learn to paint casual lettering with the brush and the mahl stick, then combining different styles in a dynamic layout. After practicing with pencils and brushes, Jakob will guide you through the design of your own paper sign that will be displayed during the festival.


The workshop is suitable for both beginners and for those who want to improve their skills. All the tools and materials are included, but wear clothes for painting!
The workshop will be held in english.


If you’re a member of an agency or a freelancer, contact us at for a dedicated promo (contact us if you need a registered invoice), if you buy the ticket via Eventbrite you can’t ask for an invoice.