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A focus dedicated to the creative ferment of the Ukraine within the sixth edition of the festival Graphic Days®.

Eyes On Ukraine

16-26 September 2021

Eyes On

Within the Graphic Days® festival every year since 2017 we have hosted a country in order to tell its history and its values through graphic works dedicated to daily life, traditions and the culture of its people


During the sixth edition, from 16 to 26 Septembre 2021, we dedicated a focus to Ukraine, together with the Ukrainian Institute and in collaboration with Pictoric Illustrator Club. 

The project is willing to show to the international community the hidden potential of Ukraine’s contemporary visual and graphic communication, giving priority to both the heritage of the country and the recent trends. 

With the projects on show, the aim is to showcase the unique visual identity of the country, by presenting the famous designers that were defining its origins and the youngest advocates of the Ukrainian style.

Among the invited entities, there are some of the most renowned representatives of the Ukrainian scene of graphics and illustration, including Pictoric Illustrators Club, Telegraf.Design collective, KULTURA graphic design studio, and the winners of the Best Book Design contest organized by the Book Arsenal Festival of Kyiv.

It is structured in 3 sections:

Illustrations, in collaboration with the Pictoric collective.

With the aim of exhibiting the current scene in Ukraine, the works of more than 25 Ukrainian illustrators have been selected offering different points of view on cultural heritage, social phenomena and historical events little known to the international community.

In addition to the works of established illustrators, the works of the most promising young Ukrainian artists will be presented, chosen by the Kyiv National Academy of Visual Arts and Architecture

Ukraine Then & Now

A rich journey will accompany us to discover the culture of the Ukraine, from the Republic to the present day, through visual design projects. Amongst these, ample space will be given to the established Heorhii Narbut within the project NARBUTXXI. One of the most important graphic artists of the 20th century who marks a whole epoch in the history of Ukrainian art, influencing visual communication in the 20th century, his work inherits the tradition of ancient Ukrainian art but, thanks to his ability to be an innovator, Narbut occupies a key position, just like the Bauhaus, in the history of European design.

Visual design in contemporary

A selection of project studies of Ukrainian design and the best publishing projects

From 16th to 26th September 2021 we dedicated a focus on the Ukraine in partnership with the Ukraine Institute, a public institution affiliated with the Minister of Foreign Affairs and in collaboration with the Pictoric collective: an exhibition, two talks and a screen-printing workshop.

Among the guests invited there were some of the most renowned representatives of the Ukrianian graphic and illustration scene: Pictoric Illustrators Club, the Telegraf.Design collective, the graphic design studio KULTURA and the winners of the Best Book Design competition, organized by the Kyiv Arsenal Festival.

During the Mixed Superstructure and Postmodern Compositions workshop, curated by Studio Seri/graph, the participants contributed to the creation of a collective poster in screen printing, starting from the creation of a personal moodboard through images, clippings and drawings with urban architectural inspiration.

The program also included two talks, on September 18, to retrace the history of Ukrainian illustration in the twentieth century and present the most effective tools and methods of cooperation between artists and organizations starting from the example of the Pictoric collective.