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October 3-6
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September 6-26

Caffè Design

Caffè Design is an experimental project about design that started in 2017 as an initiative of Giuliano, Nanni and Riccardo. Three different designers with three different personalities, they all have a common vision: making graphic design a discipline that anyone can understand easily, from professionals to common people. They’re doing it using an everyday language and they’re using a media that is raising in popularity, the podcast. Caffè Design is a discussion about design-related topics: communication, technology, marketing and innovation, it aims to show how design is bringing the world to a better future. They aim to reach as many people as they can, without beating around the bush and using unnecessarily complex theories. It brings the design to its rawest simplicity, the aim is not to teach but to inform, inspire and design a future lightly, without any filter; showing that it’s possible to be professional without being boring.