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October 3-6
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September 6-26

Cecilia Campironi

Cecilia is an author, illustrator and drawing professor.
In 2007 she graduated in illustration from the European Institute of Design in Rome.
When she was still a student, she started working with children and for children, organizing workshops focused mainly on reading fairy tales and constructing books and paper games.
In 2008 she founded Studio Arturo, with the help of which she made her first steps in the world of artisan printing and independent self-productions.
She works with publishing houses, advertising agencies, bookstores, libraries, non-profit organizations, museums and cultural events, collaborating both as an illustrator and as a contributor to the creative process of projects.
In 2016 she published her first book “Che figura!” published by Quodlibet and Ottimomassimo and in 2018 the illustrated book “À chaque pied sa chaussure”, released in France for Edition Cambourakis.
She currently lives and works in Turin where she teaches at the European Institute of Design.