Common Interest


Talk 4 – Digital Innovation and community building

Sunday 11 October

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Established in 2018 by longtime collaborators Corin Gisel (Switzerland) and Nina Paim (Brazil), common-interest is a non-profit design research practice, operating at the intersection of knowledge production, exchange, and mediation. They conceive, organize, and produce texts, publications, exhibitions, workshops, events, and more. They use design as both a lens to critically look at the world, a tool to bring people together, and as a means to make socially relevant insights public. They consider design research an activist tool for issue advocacy, collectivity building, and commoning knowledge. Their projects focus on social justice, untold and marginalized stories, and environmental issues. They strive to nurture and empower cross-cultural exchange and cross-disciplinary collaboration and are committed to a fair, transparent, and inclusive ethos of working.