Talk 3 – Tactical Urbanism and territorial actions

Saturday 10 October

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Cosimo Balestri is a co-founder of ECÒL, an architecture office and research platform based in Italy. The studio develops unconventional strategies and aesthetics as a way to address contemporary issues and needs. Its work is the result of the observation and study of each project’s specific context. Their team is led by the desire to create exciting and interactive domains of expression. The studio team believes in a generous approach to design, which translates into the will to maximize all project’s intrinsic potential, regardless of budget. They are constantly fascinated by culture and people, always looking for a new iconography rich of symbolism and meaning. They use geometry as a tool to intuitively address human reactions and trigger spontaneous social engagement. Ecòl’s work extends from International competitions to public space interventions at the smaller scale. In 2017 and 2018 the team has been awarded for projects on public space in Italy and Europe.