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October 3-6
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September 6-26


Field is a creative studio specialised in art and technology. Working with the most innovative brands and institutions worldwide, we translate complex narratives into powerful, emotional and accessible artworks for branding, campaigns and spaces.
As artists, designers and consultants with a high technical prowess and a unique aesthetic, Field create powerful new formats of brand communication using code and data, moving image and interaction, sculpture and spatial experiences – immersive artworks that reflect on how technology is changing our world today.

Marcus Wendt

Marcus Wendt is a visual artist living and working in London; co-founder and Creative Director of digital art studio Field.
Born 1982 in Germany, Marcus applies digital techniques as a native language, striving to find a universal visual language that reflects a world in constant transformation.
A childhood split between East Germany and Bavaria, later his deep involvement in the creative coding scene and the move to London have shaped Marcus’s perspective on questions of identity in a post-digital world. Marcus studied Visual Communication and Fine Arts at Kassel School of Art and Design.