Festival | Programme
October 3-6
In The City | Programme
September 6-26

High on Type

High on Type is a collective of eight designers and artists who share a passion for letters: Guido de Boer, Hans Schuttenbeld, Ivo Brouwer, Julien Priez, Vincent de Boer, Attak, Autograph and Rutger Paulusse. They use expressive techniques to create unique hand-drawn fonts, abstract calligraphy and much more. High on Type’s work pushes the limits of experimental lettermaking, to inspire and enrich the typographic community. The team holds a variety of workshops, lectures and participates in exhibitions around the world, All Eyes on Type is their very own festival that brings together the passionate hand letterists and creates a unique moment of skills exchange with like-minded people.

Guido De Boer

Letter artist & graphic designer
Right after his studies, Guido started to work as independent graphic designer and artist. Guido’s tools are letters, which he makes by hand. So, themes as spontaneity and imperfection always appears in his work. Guido’s works are direct, straight-forward and almost always black & white.

Hans Schuttenbeld

Letter artist
Hans Schuttenbeld, co-founder of High on Type, follows the calligraphic principle of dividing black and white by directing the movement of a tool.
Within the conventional purpose of constructing letters out of the appearing strokes, his challenge is to enrich the age-old great library of scripts with his progressive calligraphy.
After years of practicing this craft the interest in abstracting calligraphy took off. While holding on to the principles, the letter is left behind and doors are opened towards a yet undiscovered field of optical illusionary patterns and surrealistic atmospheres.