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October 3-6
In The City | Programme
September 6-26

Slim Dogs

Matteo Bruno

Matteo Bruno, also known as Cane Secco (340,000 subscribers) on the web is a roman DOP and videomaker. After several successful projects on the web and elsewhere, in 2014 decides to found, together with Giovanni Santonocito (post-production manager) the Slim Dogs Production, a digital communication and videomaking agency. Later they are joined by Adriano Santucci (chief producer) and Marco Cioni (marketing and account manager), completing all 4 of the main departments in order to control the entire production. Slim Dogs is active among all the kinds of video productions. It started from the web and is now one of the principal agency in communication and digital production fields, hiring different collaborators.

Mauro Zingarelli

Mauro Zingarelli is a director, born in Puglia, who meets Matte Bruno in 2011, while studying directing at NUCT. They work together on various sets and, with the founding of Slim Dogs, he becomes a regular collaborator of the company, following and directing several projects over the years.