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October 3-6
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September 6-26

Museum of Movements

The Museum of Movements (MoM) in Malmo will be the first national Museum for Democracy and Migration in Sweden. Currently, it is operating on a small scale from the City of Malmo, to establish and deliver its promise to design the full-scale museum through a participatory process in the next couple of years. MoM believes that every person has a right to tell their history in their way. Challenging the traditional view of being a museum – a place to display a subject – MoM aims to be a museum free from inherited structures and a storyteller’s position of power. MoM is envisioned as an inclusive platform where new methods and working models are developed, resulting in a new way of looking at the history of migration and democracy.

Fredrik Elg

Previously a filmmaker, Fredrik Elg specializes in issues concerning democracy, inclusion, and freedom of speech, specifically in the arts. He has worked for the Swedish Arts Council, Malmo city and partnered with several organizations working with democracy and freedom of speech, as well as, conceptualized and launched the Safe Haven network for creative professionals under threat. Elg has studied arts, journalism and social studies at Lund University, Malmö University and at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. He spearheaded the feasibility study for a new Swedish National Museum for Democracy and Migration in Malmö 2016. He is now co-managing the emerging Museum of Movements in Malmö, Sweden – the result of the feasibility study.

Afsana Shuchi

Afsana is a branding specialist and researcher, co-founder of former The Independent World Report. Her research focuses on non-commercial and not-for-profit branding and its unique opportunities and dilemma. She works with the public sector as an independent consultant, facilitating an increased understanding of the participatory methods and futureproof design.