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October 3-6
In The City | Programme
September 6-26

Edicola 518

Edicola 518 is a rebel kiosk for paper enthusiasts.
Some of the artists from “Emergenze” founded it on June, 2016 renovating a historical newsstand in the city of Perugia and made it become a bookshop without equals in the world.
The selection offers a unique choice in Italy of independent magazines, artist books, anarchist papers, fanzines and self-productions by Emergenze Publishing, their publishing house.
In spring and summer, they organize open meetings with Italian and international guests. With free and in public space. Spontaneous and unpredictable.
For many reasons, they have described the spaces of Edicola 518 as “four square meters of infinity”.
Artribune magazine about the kiosk: “it’s the world’s most beautiful edicola in the world”.