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October 3-6
In The City | Programme
September 6-26

Edizioni Precarie

Edizioni Precarie were born in 2013, during a mild but rainy winter, as a design and graphic design project, which starts from the new interpretation of traditional craftsmanship and local tales and which experiments with the material in an ironic and playful way.
Paper made with food waste is one of the first experiment made by Edizioni Precarie, a project that has become a journey through the palermitan markets and a tale made of cards. Paper used to wrap meat, fruit, cheese, become writing papers, ideal for containing thoughts, ideas and drawings.
Edizioni Precarie is based in Palermo in a location called Spazio Precario: a place constantly evolving, which besides a design studio and a production laboratory, is also a container of crisp drawings and new ideas by designers, illustrators, graphic designers and photographers. It is a place of experimentation and comparison with the Scuola Precaria, a school dedicated to the handcrafted side of graphic design, in which you can try to tell things “without using too many words”, only with sign and form.