Festival | Programme
October 3-6
In The City | Programme
September 6-26

Stamperia d’Arte Busato

Founded in 1946, Stamperia Busato is based in the historic center of Vicenza. Giancarlo keeps working on printing activities of his grandfather. During the ’60s his father’s works opened a flourishing season, which had as its main interlocutors Neri Pozza e Tono Zancanaro. From then their printshop focused on the agreement between printer and artist, making it as its unique character. He spends his days among presses, dies, inks and paper, keeping to use craft printing systems which never changed over time. Giancarlo aims at spreading his passion and his skills and abilities as a professional “artisan-printer”. His vocation is fascinating but is often under appreciated, maybe because it’s not a subject you can learn at school, it doesn’t require a degree, but people who are into it have to “steal” the know how with their own eyes, observing silently the artist and the printer while they are working, surrounded by the scent of ink and paper.