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October 3-6
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September 6-26

Muttnik – Greetings from Alps

Generative identity

Starting from an archive containing mountain postcards representing the Piedmontese Alps, (http://www.cartolinedairifugi.it/category/regioni/piemonte/) the participants will start a path of analysis and considerations on the concepts of borders, migrations, freedom and integration. The Alps as a visual boundary do not allow to see the horizon and what lies beyond their ridges but, at the same time, they have been and still are a place of transition, solidarity, conflict and struggle. Each participant will have to select a postcard (or a detail of it) on which he will intervene in an analogical or digital way. Then it will be used to make a poster that will be set also to be a flyer. Workshop participants will be provided with the basic skills to design and develop a coordinated generative identity project that will produce 15 different posters, which  will be part of the same finished product.

The workshop will be in Italian.

Skills required

Basic use of adobe suite software (inDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop)

Target Group

Designers or anyone interested in editorial design

Necessary material

Vintage postcards [and not] from Turin and the Alps
Recommended but not necessary: Personal computer