Sunday 14 October

9:30 am — 6:30 pm

full price
students or registered: 120€
not registered: 135€

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Art should teach us to develop our own IDEAS so it’s important that, on the other side of the artwork, there is a watchful eye, a quick mind and especially a hand able to create and grow the input received. The aim of the workshop is to propose an active participation during the experience of a museum visit, along with the chance to interact with an artwork turning it into a starting point for a new series of works, or for an illustrated dialogue with the artist himself.


The workshop is dedicated to people who really want to experiment! Each participant will need a laptop and all the tools and materials he usually works with, such as acrylic paint, brushes, pencils and so on.
The workshop will be held in italian.


If you’re a member of an agency or a freelancer, contact us at booking@graphicdays.it for a dedicated promo (contact us if you need a registered invoice), if you buy the ticket via Eventbrite you can’t ask for an invoice.