Festival | Programme
October 3-6
In The City | Programme
September 6-26

Talk 02

Be alert of your intuition!

A talk with Berlin-based, Spanish illustration duo, Cachetejack: Nuria Bellver and Raquel Fanjul. The pair will bring their fast-paced, fun-packed illustration style to the conference. After meeting at the Fine Arts University in Valencia in 2006, Cachetejack found their collaborative voice through a common sense of humor in the last year of their degree in 2011. Since then, their illustration style has grown, now brimming with joyful color, their signature sense of humor, and a little irony.

The talk will be in English.

Communicate new technologies

This talk will be focused on the relationship between art and technology, which is the starting point of Field’s work to create powerful new formats of visual communication. They will tell about their multiple roles: artists, designers, and consultants across strategy and branding, moving image, and immersive experiences. They also will share with the audience their experience as consultants: the studio helps brands and corporations to successfully communicate the new technologies that are changing our lives right now. As ever-more complex data systems are driving our lives, their focus as designers and artists is to create new metaphors that help people, brands and institutions talk about these most abstract and intangible things.

The talk will be in English.

Studio Yukiko
How to stay motivated and grow in your daily practice

Between tight briefs and demanding clients, making room for your own voice to grow and to stay inspired day to day can be a challenge but is also the key to standing out. Studio Yukiko will tell us how allowing room for mistakes and collaboration can bring unexpected results and new directions, and how challenging approaches to magazine making keeps them on our toes and allows them to create work that is meaningful to us.

The talk will be in English.

Marco Tortoioli Ricci – AIAP
Discrete Violation. Design as a therapy.

Thinking of ourselves as designers, we can live two different attitudes, on one hand acting as minstrels capable of works to be applauded and to be framed, on the other hand acting as instruments capable to make our audience able to grasp at spaces of action, relationship, and occupation. For this reason, Marco Tortoioli Ricci borrowed, as a title of his talk, the “discrete violation” of Gordon Matta Clark, whose work is just beyond the project and accepts to quietly violate the normality of the lived reality, with the aim of making people capable of sensing the exceptional and the marvel of spaces of actions otherwise hard to be seen.

The talk will be in Italian.