Festival | Programme
October 3-6
In The City | Programme
September 6-26

Talk 05

Spassky Fischer
Concrete graphic design and sensitive photography

Through work from book to poster, Spassky Fischer will present his concrete practice of graphic design, his functionalist aesthetics and the economy of his tools. The team will question his taste for systematism, his desire for basic, but also the limits of their practice.

The talk will be in English.

Studio Thonik
Why we design

Roy Terhorst is a senior designer at Thonik, specialized in graphic and motion design. He likes to experiment and plays with shapes in motion to discover new worlds.
Thonik recently published a book about motivations in design under the title “Why We Design”. In 11 themes they explain their body of work but also their reasons for designing. From ‘radical’ to ‘concept’ and ending with ’empowerment’ and ‘change’ they explored the changing of the time, society and their profession.
In addition to new media and motion design, Roy will talk about design concepts: “to make a strong and radical image you need a good concept. Good concepts often are born out of the very essence of the assignment.”

The talk will be in English.

Eye Magazine
A–Z of Eye

In this typographically structured illustrated talk, art director Simon Esterson and editor John L. Walters explain the thinking, editing, designing and tea-drinking behind Eye, ‘the world’s most beautiful and collectable graphic design journal’.
* Learn why Simon changes typefaces for each issue.
* Hear why John is always looking for fresh writers.
* Meet the team behind Eye: Janet South, Sarah Snaith and Holly Catford … not to mention the many writers, translators, photographers, proof-readers, printers and tea-makers who make each issue possible

The talk will be in English.

Surprise, it’s a fake!

In a world that compares artificial intelligence and human interaction, the pursuit of big data and the search for the perfect idea, what are the ingredients for a memorable campaign?

The talk will be in Italian.