Festival | Programme
October 3-6
In The City | Programme
September 6-26

Talk 06

Studio Feixen
We’re loving it!

Felix Pfäffli and Raphael Leutenegger from Studio Feixen are going to share their fresh view on what is it like being a designer nowadays. Studio Feixen’s smart combination of different disciplines will be revealed through their most successful projects. The two designers will tell about the balance between digital and analogic features working with internationally known brands like Nike, Google, Hermès or The New York Times, but most of all they will share what they love about their everyday work!

The talk will be in English.

Yara Said
The Refugee Nation

In 2016, Yara Said was commissioned to design a flag for the refugee team that went to the Olympics, since the athletes who come from 5 different countries did not have a flag to represent them and had to carry the Olympics flag, the idea was born. The design is black and orange simulating the experience of crossing to arrive. Said will explain the thought process behind designing the Refugee nation flag, and will talk about artist’s role in contributing to society through social design.

The talk will be in English.

Ovidiu Hrin – Synopsis:
Design for music, design as music

Ovidiu Hrin will share stories from his experience designing for the music industry. From working closely with artists and bands for their album covers and posters or with music festivals for their communication materials, the process behind is about understanding the music, feeling the vibes and translating everything into a visual language.

The talk will be in English.

Dalton Maag

How can the flavor of a city inspire the design of new typefaces?
From road signs to shop windows, letters in the public space play a vital role in the perception of cultural identity. Type can be shaped by the heritage of a local community, and in turn, comes to represent its visual character to the eyes of the world. To better understand how this happens, they will look at selected project case studies that explore the relationship between type and place together with Dalton Maag.

The talk will be in Italian.