Festival | Programme
October 3-6
In The City | Programme
September 6-26


Workshops: where the hands-on magic happens!
In our workshops you’ll be able to work interactively in groups on inspiring cases and projects with some of the the best professionals of the international visual design scene.

Thursday 3 October | 9.30 - 18.30

Emanuele Colombo/Antimatter – The illusion of life

Emanuele Colombo’s workshop is dedicated to professional motion designers. It will show how to bring characters to life using After Effects, from the basic rules of animation to the creation of movements of each single part of the character’s body.

Friday 4 October | 9.30 - 18.30

Classmate Studio – Integrating Ideas

During this workshop, each group will collaborate to create a stop motion animation, swapping their work many times during the day. The stories will be presented using different physical formats, such as posters.

Friday 4 October | 9.30 - 18.30

Muttnik – Greetings from Alps

Starting from an archive containing mountain postcards representing the Piedmontese Alps, the participants will project 15 leaflets in A3 format printed in b/w with colored overprint on the front for each intervention.

Saturday 5 October | 9.30 - 18.30

Le Raclet + Cachetejack – Consequences

This workshop aims at creating a collective illustrated fanzine, written and screenprinted by the participants, who will unleash their creativity following the principles of Surrealism.

Saturday 5 October | 9.30 - 18.30

High on Type – Alphabet Zine

A challenge to design together a full zine with alphabets, experimenting and playing with all the 26 alphabetic characters.

Sunday 6 October | 9.30 - 18.30

We are out of office – The supermarket

Each participant will be able to create a 3 colour riso print of his/her favourite product label. The print will be realized completely by hand and through different tools.

Sunday 6 October | 9.30 - 18.30

Tomo Tomo – The guide book form

Is a tram ticket enough to tell a city, its uniqueness, the habits of its citizens?
The small format of a public transport ticket during the workshop will become a place for editorial experimentation, focusing on the guide book form. At the end of the workshop, the series of tickets will be printed to create a large collective guide to the city of Turin.