Singular Plural

The “Critical Regionalism” in the visual paths from the archetypes of the territory to the contemporary connections with the community.

This year Graphic Days® offers a unique exhibition itinerary, which crosses different historical periods and geographical areas to tell the roots of Italian history and traditions. The collective exhibition follows the theoretical concept of “Critical Regionalism”, inspired by the homonymous architectural movement of Frampton. The original productions and sketches selected by the curators of the exhibition will recount the visual projects of the artists. 

From the typographical carpets of the Sardinian tradition to the narration of the tarot cards, from the fairy-tale creatures to the religious iconographic tradition – Singular Plural investigates the contemporary reinterpretations of the cultural archetypes and historical symbolisms of such a varied traditional Italian culture, which are harmonically and coherently inserted in local surroundings.

The recovery of pre-existing traditions and historical iconographies thus occurs through new linguistic and visual codes, showing how one can reconnect with an ancestral culture through a modern process of interpretation. The first and most important feature of the selected projects is research (bibliographic, iconographic, photographic, oral, archival) inherent in traditions, cultures, symbolisms, conceptual and physical archetypes linked to the territories of local communities, which are then recontextualized in an up-to-date key through the use of different expressive languages.

The present-day vision blends with historical and folk content, pointing out how the work of a visual designer is a work of social activation, democratization and value consolidation, but also that of creating a renewed community bond.

Among the artists and professionals involved, the name of Mauro Bubbico stands out. Known as the “Maestro” of this methodological design approach and a profound connoisseur of the reinterpretations of the folklore universe.

Posterheroes: humans at work

Curated by Plug Association, in collaboration with Favini

Posterheroes is an international social communication competition that every year invites the global creative community to express proper thoughts on an important global issue through a poster.

The Posterheroes: humans at work exhibition is dedicated to the winning posters of the ninth edition (2020), which involved the international creative community on issues like the potentiality and risks of technology, work quality and work-life balance, fair work and non-discriminating policies, but also environmental and social sustainability and economic migration and modern slavery. The exhibition aims at amplifying the value of this open and aware reflection on possible ways of working and sustainable growth.

The winning posters were selected by an international jury, made up of the most relevant professionals and artists from the graphic design scene. The edition was held in collaboration with the Learning Innovation Program of ITC-ILO, the International Labor Organization, the specialized agency of the United Nations that deals with promoting internationally recognized social justice and human rights, and with the patronage of ISMEL – Institute for the Memory and Culture of Work of the Company and Social Rights.