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Drawing machines

Can you draw by squashing a sponge, exploding bubbles, shaking mysterious boxes and playing hula-hoop?

The “drawing machines” are economic objects, often built with waste materials, meant not to teach how to draw, but to let kids experiment through play the most free and self expression branch of art: with the machines, kids don’t represent trees, houses, faces or animals, but they draw lines and shapes that meet and mix, abstract and infinitely open figures that let them free to discover shapes and objects that are only visible through imagination’s eyes.

The “Drawing machines” are born from the experience of Come on Kids!, a project by Giorgio Camuffo at Libera Università di Bolzano.
Inside Cumiana15 kids will be able to freely use and discover drawing machines.

From 9 to 23 October, the machines will be exposed in the educational space at Pinacoteca Agnelli (Torino) and in the bookshop Corraini Lingotto.




7-8 October

Via Cumiana 15

By Graphic Days®

25 September



Print Club Torino, via Agostino da Montefeltro 2

By We Are Müesli

23 October 2021-2 October 2022

L'interno dell'escape room, decorata a tema Gianni Rodari


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