Giulia Iaquinta

Giulia Iaquinta portrays animated subjects (mostly human) and not at monolinea continues the “ONELINE,” black. In this her extremely minimal and fluid version of reality, she attempts to crystallize the inherent uniqueness of who/what she portrays, to confirm their physical uniqueness and sometimes even psychological nuances. An arduous task with a single line, but sometimes he seems to succeed: all this satisfies his need to communicate and share in order to grow together with the other in the space, be it person or element.

He has drawn standard portraits, but also record covers, murals, custom art on clothing, record covers, book illustrations, artwork for special events, demonstrations. The tangible and intangible media on which to draw or print her oneline art are almost endless. Minimal illustrator, graduate in Fashion & Textile design. Besides making oneline she works in high fashion textile design.