Inchiostro Festival

Inchiostro Festival is a performative cultural event involving illustrators, calligraphers and art printers. The selected artists create a workshop of excellence, an artistic residency devoted to live creation and open to an active and involved audience. The works are created with each manual technique, in black and white, following the inspiring theme. Since 2013, it has welcomed and united masters of graphic-visual expression, sign and manual skills. Visitors participate in workshops in illustration, screen printing, press printing, woodcut, movable type printing and lithography. Presentations and discussions take place in the fresco room and become podcasts. The evenings are alive with live shows, performances, graphic-sound experiments and video projections, including the “illustrators’ battle”: a real live drawing challenge in time to music. The festival’s setting is a 12th-century cloister in Alexandria, but it expands to OFF and Street Art activities, travels to other representative venues for visual communication and participates in events among Bologna, Vicenza, Turin, Milan. The Association welcomes about 50 artists each year, among the best of the Italian and international scene. They include Francesco Poroli, Ale Giorgini, Camilla Falsini, Riccardo Guasco, Tuono Pettinato, Sergiy Maidukov, Giordano Poloni, Elisa Seitzinger, Fernando Cobelo, Elisa Talentino, Paolo D’Altan, AkaB, Alex Barocco, Chiara Riva, Massimo Polello, Antonio Bonanno, MP5, 108, Miguel Tanco, Martoz, Betterpress Lab, Antica Stamperia Busato, Fondazione Il Bisonte, INK33, FoxCraft, Cartiera Clandestina, Bottega Fagnola and Print Club Torino.