Margine Officine

Forge and workshop where ideas are born, grow and take art forms in its primordial sense, including all mastery of savoir-faire, moving emotions and meanings, bringing people closer to each other, overcoming barriers, in the full value of uniqueness.
Margine Officine before being a place of production is a place of exchange, a meeting place of opportunities that crosses threads in the weave and warp of the city fabric. It is a place of caring for the ties that are generated in a pleasant and productive time, open to all abilities. A service that bears the mark and style of a cooperative that has been working for inclusion for over forty years, putting the emphasis on the person. A project that starts from afar with the intention of giving value to the beauty that, we are convinced, could really save the world. A path that leads to a single place where to find creative times and spaces, construction and relationship in the human and material meaning.