Design Talk

A conference that tells the stories and innovations of some of the most influential names in contemporary visual communication. An opportunity to discover different applications of Visual Design, drawing inspiration from the work of those who have made it a powerful means of creative and productive innovation, those who have made it a tool for expressing messages of change, and those who have made it a medium for innovating design and increasing awareness of the world we live in.



Studio GdB, a Dutch studio that transformed its creative practice by designing a printer to produce custom glazed ceramics.

Anthony Burrill, iconic artist and visual designer, his work mixes the use of analog tools with powerful messages that have become mantras for the design community.

Benedetta Crippa, her communication studio in Stockholm explores contemporary applications of ornamentation through design and constant research work.

Rejane Dal Bello, AGI member since 2022 and award-winning designer. Her studio in London has 20 years of experience in graphic design and branding,

Vasjen Katro, better known as Baugasm, is a prolific freelance visual designer and art director from Tirana who has become renowned for his skill in visual experimentation.


Conference admission cost €40.00 and includes the Daily Ticket for Saturday, May 6.



Saturday, May 06
5:00 pm - 7:30 pm
Room: Spazio Arena

By Graphic Days®

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