Illustrators on stage

How has the work of the illustrator changed in recent years?

Some of the artists who have always been part of the Graphic Days® network will tell us in an open debate dedicated to the most “public” aspect of the job of an illustrator.

Is the development and success of online courses one of the most evident phenomena of this transformation: is it a powerful opportunity to democratize a knowledge or just a more flexible use mode for the user?

If on the one hand the great visibility acquired can represent an important springboard for new markets, on the other hand is there perhaps the risk that it becomes more complex to develop new research and experimentation processes?


Elisa Seitzinger

Elisa Talentino

Fernando Cobelo

Francesco Poroli

Van Orton


Free entry


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May 13
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

By Graphic Days®