Mad for Print

Mad for Print is the weekend appointment that invites printmakers and artists, guests of the festival to conduct printmaking activities, to participate in an open discussion. A time to foster knowledge exchange, share the “tricks of the trade” and dispel false myths about art practice. But also an opportunity to weave relationships, foster new ideas and understand what makes us all “Mad” for print.


Speakers, a platform for independent illustration and visual art in the Netherlands that has been publishing and printing in risograph since 2015.

Vinicius Libardoni, an Italian-Brazilian architect and printmaker based in Wroclaw. He is dedicated to experimenting with tools, materials and artisanal printing techniques.

Atelier Bingo, a duo of illustrators and graphic designers from France who experiment with collage and other artistic techniques.

Anna Pepe, an artist living and working in Tbilisi creating bold and powerful abstract works inspired by the beauty of recurring lines and feminine forms.

Free entry



Sunday, May 07
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Room: Spazio Arena

By Graphic Days®

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