Order and disorder

This workshop is a tribute to Alighiero Boetti’s stylistic research.
Engravings, typographic works, envelopes and postal files made by the artist will be the inspiration that we will let flow freely within the course. A starting point that will inspire a collection of signs and figures through a collaborative performance.

We will make a collective imagery using images, strokes, textures as a research tool, to liberate manual skills and ideas. We will push analog research to the limit and explore without setting limits to our full potential to discover together how to master discipline with chaos. The end result will be a collective publication.

Text composition using letrasets. Xerography. Collage. Acrylic and Bic pencils. We will use anything that allows you to make a mark on a paper without a computer.


Skills required
No prior skills are necessary; it is suitable for anyone who wants to explore strictly analog approaches to enrich their creative method.

Target audience
Visual designers, graphic designers, students, creatives seeking professionalizing approaches

Materials Needed
No special materials are needed and consumables will be provided but you can bring with you pictures, brushes, pencils, colored and uncolored, papers and cutouts, fabrics. In short, everything you have always collected and never used so far.

Participation in the workshop costs € 30 + € 30 (for the purchase of the Print Club Torino card for non-members). The ticket includes free access to the Cavallerizza Reale on the day of the workshop.


Sunday, May 07
2:30 pm - 6:30 pm
Room: Spazio workshop

By Print Club Torino

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