Type & the City – Turin

Just as in a conversation the verbal tone suggests the intentions, in visual communication it is the typographic choice that expresses the identity of a brand, the quality of a product or the concept of an event. 

In this workshop Zetafonts opens the doors of its creative process, inviting participants to develop together a typeface dedicated to representing the city of Turin, collecting its many typographic souls and legacies. To complete this journey, Zetafonts will introduce the Typecampus initiative and the 2023 issue of the Type Trends Look Book, a yearly guide to typographic trends and their relationship with contemporary themes.


Conceptualization of lettering and typography through manual process, Text composition in digital.



Required Skills

No previous skills are necessary but a passion for typography is encouraged!


Visual designers, graphic designers, students, creatives seeking professional approaches.

Materials Required

No particular materials are necessary, but you can bring your own laptop.


Participation in the workshop costs € 30 + € 30 (for the purchase of the Print Club Torino membership card for non-members). The ticket includes a FREE access to Cavallerizza Reale on the day of the workshop.



Sunday, May 14
2:30 pm - 6:30 pm
Room: Spazio Workshop

By Print Club Torino

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