Luca Barcellona

Luca Barcellona, Milano, born in 1978, is a leading name in the world of modern calligraphy. Letters are the main component for of his creations.

The intent of his work is to bring together the manual skill of an ancient art like writing with the languages and tools of the digital age and urban art. Trained as a graphic designer and writer in the 1990s, he has inspired many young contemporary artists and calligraphers. His studies in lettering range from typography and movable type printing, classical calligraphy to expressive and experimental calligraphy, and large wall performances.

He has collaborated with major brands in fashion, clothing, discography and publishing, designing well-known logos and lettering, as well as working for important museum commissions. Since 2007, he has been teaching calligraphy with the Italian Calligraphic Association and in the main Italian design schools, and has held workshops and lectures all over the world.

He has exhibited his work at several galleries and permanent collections. In 2012 he founded the publishing house Lazy Dog Press with which he published his first monograph “Take Your Pleasure Seriously.”
In 2021, he published the essay “Anima & Inchiostro: scrivere a mano come pratica per migliorare se stessi” published by Utet.

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